Journal Articles

In Situ Water Electrolyzer Stack for an Electrobioreactor
G. Givirovskiy, V. Ruuskanen, L.S. Ojala, P. Kokkonen, and J. Ahola, Energies, No. 10, Vol. 12, May 2019

Electrode material studies and cell voltage characteristics of the in situ water electrolysis performed in a pH-neutral electrolyte in bioelectrochemical systems
G. Givirovskiy, V. Ruuskanen, L.S. Ojala, M. Lienemann, P. Kokkonen, and J. Ahola, Heliyon, Vol. 5, May 2019

Capturing CO2 from air: Technical performance and process control improvement
C. Bajamundi, J. Koponen, V. Ruuskanen, J. Elfving, A. Kosonen, J. Kauppinen, and J. Ahola, Journal of CO2 Utilization, Vol. 30, Mar. 2019

Modelling of equilibrium working capacity of PSA, TSA and TVSA processes for CO2 adsorption under direct air capture conditions
J. Elfving, C. Bajamundi, J. Kauppinen, and T. Sainio, Journal of CO2 Utilization, Vol. 22, Nov. 2017

Characterization and Performance of Direct Air Capture Sorbent
J. Elfving, C. Bajamundi, and J. Kauppinen, Energy Procedia, Vol. 114, Jul. 2017

Conference Articles and Presentations

Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, Seattle, April 2019
Neocarbon-Food-relevant content of presentation on novel gas fermenting organisms for the production of food, feed and chemicals from CO2 and renewable energy from electricity and CO2 given at the SBFC 2019 conference

CO2 Reuse Summit Presentation, Zürich, May 2018
Food From Electricity and CO2 -presentation in CO2 Reuse Summit 2018

International Conference on Electrolysis, Copenhagen, June 2017
A poster about the basic idea presented at ICE 2017 conference


Sustainability of protein production by bioreactor process using wind and solar power as energy sources
J. Sillman, Master’s thesis, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Jul. 2016